Venezuela’s Football Federation criticizes Peru’s police handling of player treatment during World Cup qualifiers

The treatment of Venezuelan football player Nahuel Ferraresi by Peruvian police following a World Cup qualifier has sparked condemnation from the Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF). The incident, which left Ferraresi with injuries to his left hand, has prompted the FVF to speak out against what it calls “degrading treatment” of its players, coaching staff, and fans both in and outside of Venezuela. The FVF’s statement also addressed migration compliance checks imposed on Venezuelan fans entering the stadium and alleged issues with refuelling their team’s airplane. The events have raised concerns about the treatment of visiting teams and their supporters during international football matches.

Venezuelan Football Federation condemns mistreatment of player by Peruvian police after World Cup qualifier

The Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF) has spoken out against the treatment of one of its national team’s players by Peruvian police following a World Cup qualifier. After the match between Peru and Venezuela ended in a 1-1 draw on Tuesday, Venezuelan player Nahuel Ferraresi alleged that he was injured by a baton-wielding Peruvian police officer, who struck him twice as he attempted to approach Venezuelan fans in the stands. The incident was caught on video and widely circulated by local media.

In a statement, the FVF declared that it would not tolerate any mistreatment of its players, coaching staff, or fans, whether inside or outside of Venezuela’s borders. The federation energetically condemned both verbal and physical aggression and also criticised the migration compliance checks to which Venezuelan fans were reportedly subjected in order to enter the stadium.

Additionally, the FVF reported on social media that their team’s airplane was awaiting authorization to refuel in Lima to leave the city. However, the Peruvian foreign ministry denied imposing any restriction on refueling the aircraft and a ministry source informed Reuters that the plane departed in the afternoon.

The FVF’s condemnation of the mistreatment of their player by Peruvian police after the World Cup qualifier has caused a stir in the international football community, adding a controversial twist to the outcome of the match between Peru and Venezuela.

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