Former Brazil Star Fred Has Gun Pointed at His Head During Terrifying Armed Robbery

Former Brazil striker Fred recently experienced a terrifying armed robbery in Rio de Janeiro, with assailants pointing a gun at his head and taking his car and mobile. This incident occurred after Fred, known for his successful career with Fluminense and Brazil’s national team, left the Maracana Stadium following a league victory. While the retired footballer was uninjured, this alarming event has shocked fans and the football community. Despite this frightening experience, Fred has continued to make positive contributions, such as completing a 370-mile charity bike ride in 2020 and raising funds for charitable causes.

Former Brazil striker Fred was the victim of a terrifying armed robbery in Rio de Janeiro, where he had a gun pointed at his head before the assailants took his car and mobile. The incident occurred in the famous Ipanema neighbourhood after Fred left the Maracana Stadium following Fluminense’s 1-0 league victory over São Paulo. Despite the scare, the 40-year-old retired footballer was uninjured. Fred, who is now Fluminense’s director of sports planning, has had an illustrious career and is the second-highest goalscorer in the history of Fluminense. In 2020, he completed a 370-mile charity bike ride and raised enough money for 4,000 food baskets. Despite retiring from professional football in July last year, Fred continues to be involved in charitable activities and has cemented his spot in Fluminense’s history books.

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