Fan upsets girlfriend by travelling 660 miles to watch EFL team on weekend off, then goes even further

Attention all Charlton Athletic fans! You may remember Tom Morgan, the dedicated supporter who made headlines in 2021 for travelling 660 miles to watch his beloved team play, instead of spending time with his girlfriend who lives just eight miles away. Well, it seems that Tom’s commitment to his team has not wavered, as he now plans to embark on an even longer journey to see Charlton face Carlisle. Despite his girlfriend’s frustration, Tom’s loyalty to the Addicks remains unwavering. Read on to find out more about this die-hard fan and his incredible dedication to his team.

Charlton superfan Tom Morgan, famous for skipping time with his girlfriend to travel 660 miles to watch his team play, is at it again. This time, he’s going even further, planning an 800-mile round trip to see Charlton face off against Carlisle. His girlfriend Sash, who is now living with him, expressed her frustration on social media, pointing out that they will be missing another weekend together. Despite the distance, the couple are still going strong, and Tom’s dedication to his team has earned him the title of “legend” among fellow fans. Charlton will be looking to secure a win against struggling Carlisle this weekend, while Tom continues to show his unwavering support for his beloved team.

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