Newcastle’s Joelinton ‘clotheslines’ Reece James and Chelsea captain trolls Jason Tindall

NEWCASTLE star Joelinton made headlines for all the wrong reasons during the team’s recent match against Chelsea. The Brazilian’s aggression on the pitch seemed to reach new levels as he delivered a challenge that appeared straight out of the WWE ring. The controversial foul not only earned Joelinton a yellow card but also left fans in disbelief. As the incident sparked debates online, it became clear that Joelinton’s actions had overshadowed what was an impressive performance from his team. With tensions running high, the match took an unexpected turn that saw Chelsea’s Reece James being sent off. This article delves into the controversial moment that has everyone talking.

Joelinton’s WWE-style takedown on Reece James during Newcastle’s match against Chelsea has fans talking. The Brazilian midfielder’s aggressive challenge earned him a yellow card, but left fans wondering if it was enough. Some even compared the foul to legendary wrestling moves. The incident sparked further drama as assistant Jason Tindall got involved with James, leading to the defender being sent off later in the match. Despite the controversy, Newcastle went on to secure a solid 4-1 victory over Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

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