IFAB Approves Trials for Enhanced Player Conduct, Including Sin Bins Testing

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) annual meeting on Tuesday discussed important measures aimed at improving player behavior and increasing respect for match officials. From trials for temporary dismissals for dissent to the development of semi-automated offside technology, the meeting covered a wide range of topics. Read on to learn about the proposed changes that could be incorporated into the Laws of the Game from July 1, 2024, and the ongoing review of the video assistant referee (VAR) protocol.

IFAB Meeting Supports Measures to Improve Player Behavior and Respect for Officials

At the International Football Association Board (IFAB) annual meeting, measures to improve player behavior and increase respect for match officials were given the green light. The proposed trial of limiting the referee approach to only the team captain in certain game situations was backed, along with the agreement to trial temporary dismissals for dissent and specific tactical offenses at higher levels. The potential changes aim to address the time lost in games and tactics aimed at disrupting the tempo, including the six-second time restriction for goalkeepers to release the ball, delaying restarts, and managing injuries.

In addition to improving player behavior, the meeting discussed continuing to develop semi-automated offside technology to help on-field match officials speed up decision-making. The ongoing FIFA-led review of the video assistant referee (VAR) protocol will involve discussions with major football competitions to identify whether any formal recommendations are required for amendments or trials, ensuring that any measures do not result in additional delays. The potential clarifications for the Laws of the Game 2024-25, including a possible amendment to handball offenses leading to penalties, were also under consideration. Lastly, match officials wearing body cameras at grassroots level had shown successful results in deterring instances of serious misconduct towards match officials.

The proposed measures will be considered at IFAB’s AGM in March, with approved changes being incorporated into the Laws of the Game from July 1, 2024. The members also agreed that any changes should not result in additional delays, ensuring that the development of player behavior and respect for officials is prioritized.

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