Fans of West Brom and Leicester express outrage as Sky Sports coverage is interrupted by a ‘temporary fault’ just before Championship match

Fans eagerly anticipating the live coverage of the West Brom vs Leicester City Championship match were left disappointed as Sky Sports experienced technical difficulties. Instead of the expected build-up to the game, viewers were shown old cricket and football highlights, prompting frustration and anger from supporters. This unexpected turn of events left many questioning the broadcaster and expressing their dissatisfaction on social media. As Sky Sports worked to resolve the issue, fans were left without the pre-match coverage they had been looking forward to.

Fans were left fuming as Sky Sports suffered a technical fault during their live build-up to the Championship fixture between West Brom and Leicester City. The broadcaster was forced to show old cricket highlights and previous football matches, leaving supporters impatient for the pre-match coverage. The Sun is the best place for all your football news and updates, as well as boxing and MMA coverage. Don’t miss out on the latest real-life stories, amazing pictures, and must-see videos – follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

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