Barcelona on high alert as key player faces possible surgery for chronic injury

Barcelona’s recent victory against Atletico Madrid was a cause for celebration, but the team may be facing some tough challenges ahead. After losing Gavi to a season-ending injury, there are concerns that goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen may also be sidelined due to persistent back problems. This potential setback could have a significant impact on the team’s performance.

Barcelona’s crucial victory over Atletico Madrid was overshadowed by injury concerns as goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen may have to undergo surgery for ongoing back problems. The team is hopeful to avoid surgery, but if ter Stegen’s back pain continues to persist, it could become a chronic issue. With midfielder Gavi already out for the season, the potential loss of ter Stegen would be a brutal blow for Barcelona and manager Xavi. In the meantime, backup goalkeeper Inaki Pena has impressed with his performances against Porto and Atletico Madrid, providing a minor positive for the team. Nonetheless, Barcelona will be anxiously awaiting news on ter Stegen’s condition in the coming days.

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