VIDEO: Joao Felix shows love to Atletico Madrid fans after scoring against Barcelona

The tension was palpable as Joao Felix faced off against his former club, Atletico Madrid, in a Barcelona jersey on Sunday night. Not only did the Portuguese player score the winning goal in the 28th minute, but he also found himself in heated arguments and collisions with his former teammates. His spontaneous celebration, blowing a kiss to the Atletico Madrid fans, has made him public enemy number one at the Metropolitano. In this article, we’ll explore the aftermath of Felix’s controversial return to his former home and how he is handling the media scrutiny.

In a thrilling match last night, Joao Felix made a bold statement as he scored the winning goal against his former club Atletico Madrid while playing for Barcelona. The Portuguese player did not hold back, getting into heated arguments and clashes with his former teammates, including Jose Maria Gimenez. After the match, Felix was seen blowing a kiss to the Atletico Madrid fans in the crowd, solidifying his status as public enemy number one at the Metropolitano. Despite the controversy, Felix explained that his celebration was spontaneous and that he remains relaxed despite the media attention.

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