Paul Merson, Arsenal legend, predicts precise timing of Erik ten Hag’s dismissal from Man Utd

Rumors of Erik ten Hag’s potential departure from Manchester United are swirling as the team finds itself in a precarious position in the Premier League. With the Red Devils currently sitting in seventh place and facing the possibility of elimination from the Champions League, the pressure is mounting on the manager. According to former Arsenal player Paul Merson, if Manchester United lose their next three games, Ten Hag could be out the door. As the team prepares to face Chelsea in a crucial match, the speculation surrounding Ten Hag’s future at the club continues to grow.

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is facing the possibility of being sacked if his team fails to secure victories in their next three games, according to Paul Merson. With the Red Devils currently sitting in seventh place in the Premier League table and at risk of not advancing to the Champions League knockout stages, the pressure is mounting on ten Hag. Merson believes that if United fail to secure wins in their upcoming matches, including their clash against Chelsea, the manager’s job could be on the line. As the team grapples with poor form and internal unrest, the outlook for ten Hag’s tenure at Old Trafford looks uncertain. In the midst of these challenges, Merson predicts a high-scoring draw in the upcoming match against Chelsea, making it a crucial game for ten Hag and his team.

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