James Maddison admits to being set up by England team-mate and unexpectedly performs duet with Robbie Williams

In a hilarious and embarrassing turn of events, James Maddison found himself at the center of a prank orchestrated by his former teammate Harry Maguire. The Tottenham midfielder, in an interview with Ben Foster, recounted how Maguire’s wind-up led to him being coerced into singing a duet with pop star Robbie Williams. Despite his protests, Maddison was persuaded by his fellow players to take the stage with Williams, leading to a comical and awkward performance. This light-hearted incident offers a glimpse of Maddison’s personality off the pitch, as he currently focuses on recovering from an injury that has sidelined him until the New Year.

In a hilarious twist of events, James Maddison was pranked by Harry Maguire during the World Cup last year. The Tottenham midfielder found himself forced into singing with Robbie Williams after Maguire claimed he had a great voice. In an interview with former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster for Amazon Prime, Maddison admitted that he was peer pressured into the duet by his ex-Leicester City teammate. Despite protesting that he couldn’t sing, Maddison found himself on stage with Williams performing Sweet Caroline. Currently out injured with an ankle ligament injury, Maddison is hopeful for a return to action in the New Year.

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