Rubiales kissed Bronze against her will at WWC – England FA chair

The 2023 Women’s World Cup was supposed to be a celebration of female athleticism and sportsmanship, but it was marred by allegations of inappropriate conduct by the former president of the Spain football federation. In a recent report released by FIFA, England FA chair Debbie Hewitt accused Luis Rubiales of “inappropriate” behavior towards English players during the medal ceremony. The report outlines a series of incidents that led to Rubiales being banned for three years, including allegations of unwanted physical contact and aggressive behavior. This article will examine the details of the report and the response from Rubiales, shedding light on a concerning chapter in the world of women’s football.

The England Women’s World Cup medal ceremony was marred by controversy as former Spain federation president Luis Rubiales was accused of inappropriate conduct with English players. FIFA issued a three-year ban on Rubiales after allegations of forcefully kissing and touching players during the ceremony. Rubiales denied the accusations and claimed he was trying to comfort an injured player and celebrate with another. The disciplinary committee considered more severe sanctions but ultimately settled on the three-year ban. Rubiales has vowed to appeal the decision and maintain his innocence. The committee emphasized the impact of Rubiales’ actions on the players’ mental health and career, stating that his behavior was completely unacceptable. This incident has brought negative attention to FIFA, women’s football, and women’s sport in general.

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