Soccer Star Jakub Jankto, a Unwilling Role Model, Reveals He is Gay

Jakub Jankto is a Czech midfielder who currently plays for Serie A side Cagliari Calcio in Italy. His story is one of bravery and breaking stereotypes in more ways than one. In addition to his passion for football, Jankto is also celebrated for being the first active male international player to come out as gay in a top five European league. His decision to share his story with the world has opened up conversations about acceptance and inclusion in football and beyond. (Continued below)

Cagliari Midfielder Jakub Jankto Discusses Being The First Active Gay Player In A Top European League

Jakub Jankto, the talented Czech midfielder, opened up about being gay in a sport that he loves. Now playing for Serie A side Cagliari, Jankto discussed the struggles and hard decisions he’s made to live his life in freedom. His decision to publicly come out was heavily inspired by watching YouTube videos and messaging friends, as well as dating guys. He wanted to put an end to hiding a part of himself and share his strength. The impact of his revelation was monumental and embraced by his teammates, family, fans and the rest of the football community. Jankto has proven that it’s possible to be gay and play in the top European leagues.

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