Former Premier League Player, Joey Barton, Receives Criticism for Rant as Alex Scott Speaks Out

The recent controversial comments made by former Manchester City and Newcastle star Joey Barton about female commentators in men’s football have sparked outrage and conversation. In a shocking tirade on social media platform X, Barton claimed that women are not qualified to talk about the men’s game, comparing it to him “talking about knitting or netball”. In response, former footballer Alex Scott has broken her silence on Barton’s remarks, sharing her thoughts and a lighthearted moment with a colleague on Instagram. The incident has ignited a debate about gender equality and representation in football commentary. Stay tuned as we provide live updates and the latest news on this developing story.

“Former football star Joey Barton’s controversial comments about female commentators has sparked a response from Alex Scott. Barton’s tirade on X, where he claimed that women are not qualified to talk about men’s football, has been met with laughter from Scott and her colleague. The former Manchester City and Newcastle star’s comments have caused a stir in the sports world. Stay tuned to our live blog for the latest news and updates on this developing story.”

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