Arsenal Fans Urged to Verify Mesut Ozil’s Twitter Account Following Controversial Tweet About Tottenham

Former Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has had social media buzzing after taking a jab at old rivals Tottenham Hotspur. The retired footballer, known for his love for his former club, couldn’t resist making a dig at Spurs following their recent defeat to West Ham. Ozil’s tweet left fans stunned and sparked a debate about the performance of both teams. The former Gunner’s comment has reignited the age-old rivalry between the two clubs, with fans on both sides weighing in on the discussion.

Former Arsenal star Mesut Ozil took a shot at Tottenham on social media after they fell to a 2-1 defeat to West Ham. Ozil, who retired from football earlier this year, couldn’t resist making a barb at his old rivals. When statto Opta tweeted out the facts about Tottenham’s loss, Ozil responded by calling them “Bottle Job FC.” This tweet left fans stunned, with many pointing out Arsenal’s failure to win last year’s Premier League title. Despite the backlash, Ozil’s tweet sparked a debate among football fans about the history of bottling in the Premier League.

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