Real Betis to sign USMNT midfielder in January to replace injured World Cup champion

Real Betis faces a setback as midfielder Guido Rodriguez sustains a major injury, leaving a crucial gap in their lineup. However, the club will soon welcome a new addition in the form of Internacional’s Johnny Cardoso. This young American international is set to make his mark in Spanish football and could potentially fill the void left by Rodriguez. With Cardoso’s arrival imminent, Real Betis fans can look forward to seeing their latest signing in action.

Real Betis suffers major setback as Guido Rodriguez breaks leg in training
Real Betis’s midfielder Guido Rodriguez has suffered a major blow after breaking his leg during training earlier this week. The 29-year-old has undergone surgery and has started his recovery period, leaving Real Betis without one of their key players for the near future.

But there is hope on the horizon for Real Betis, as Internacional’s Johnny Cardoso is set to fulfill his move to the Spanish club. The American international is seen as the long-term successor to Rodriguez, and his arrival will provide a much-needed boost to the team’s midfield.

With Rodriguez’s future at Real Betis uncertain due to his expiring contract, all eyes will be on Cardoso as he steps onto the field in Andalusia to make his mark for the club. The fans will no doubt be eager to see how he adapts to Spanish football and fills the void left by Rodriguez’s injury.

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