Newcastle fans in for train nightmare before Spurs match as massive delays prompt warnings to avoid travel

Attention Newcastle fans! If you were planning on traveling to London for an upcoming match, you may want to reconsider your plans. Major disruption has hit the train network, with all trains from Newcastle to London cancelled due to severe damage to the overhead lines between Peterborough and Grantham. Train operator LNER has advised against travel to London, but alternative arrangements can be made. Read on for more details on how to navigate this unexpected obstacle.

Newcastle fans have been warned to avoid traveling by LNER following extensive train disruption. The cancellation of all trains from Newcastle to London was caused by severe damage to the overhead lines between Peterborough and Grantham on Saturday. As a result, there is major disruption between London and York, with lines to Lincoln and Leeds also affected. While Newcastle fans can travel as far as Grantham, they will need to make alternative arrangements to reach London. One option is to travel from Newcastle to Carlisle before boarding a London-bound train. Stay updated with the latest football, boxing, and MMA news by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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