Ex-midfielder confesses he had no desire to join Barcelona

The summer transfer window was an exciting and eventful time for Barcelona as they sought to revamp their midfield. One player who was heavily linked with the club was Sergi Darder, but ultimately he decided to remain loyal to his former club, Espanyol. In a recent interview, Darder revealed that he had the opportunity to sign for Barcelona, but his unwavering allegiance to Espanyol meant that he couldn’t bring himself to make the move. This decision to prioritize loyalty over personal gain is a rare and commendable trait in modern football. With Barcelona facing a midfield crisis due to Gavi’s injury, they may well regret missing out on the chance to sign Darder.

Sergi Darder Reveals Barcelona Summer Transfer Offer

Sergi Darder, the midfielder for Mallorca, revealed that he had the chance to sign for Barcelona during the summer transfer window. Despite the allure of playing for a top team like Barcelona, Darder’s loyalty to his former club, Espanyol, kept him from making the move. Darder’s commitment to his former club is highly commendable, especially in modern football where loyalty is often rare. With Gavi’s season-ending injury, Barcelona may be regretting missing out on the opportunity to sign Darder.

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