Everton refuses Spurs’ proposal to modify Dele Alli’s transfer agreement to lower the payment for the former England star

Everton and Tottenham are at a crossroads in the restructuring of their Dele Alli transfer deal. Spurs have proposed a reduced fee and a lower number of appearances needed to trigger the clause, but Everton has rejected the offer. With Alli’s contract set to expire in the summer, both clubs are open to further talks to reach a resolution. Meanwhile, Alli is continuing his recovery from a groin injury, with hopes of making a comeback in the new year. This article will delve into the details of the proposed deal and the future prospects for the former England international at Everton.

Everton have rejected Tottenham’s proposal to restructure Dele Alli’s transfer deal, which would have seen the Toffees pay less for the former England international. Alli joined Everton on a free transfer in January 2022 with performance-based add-ons, including a £10million fee once he played 20 matches for the club. However, with Alli only playing 13 times for Everton so far, Spurs approached Everton with an offer to reduce the fee to £8million and the number of appearances needed to trigger the clause. Despite the cheaper deal being turned down, both clubs are open to further talks. Alli, who has been recovering from a groin injury since March, is nearing a return to training and is expected to make a comeback in the new year. Earlier this season, Alli bravely shared his childhood trauma, prompting an outpouring of support from fans and a banner in his honor from Everton supporters.

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