Alex Scott passionately condemns Joey Barton’s sexist rants live on air, calling them ‘total class’

In the wake of Joey Barton’s controversial and sexist comments about female pundits and co-commentators in football, former Arsenal star Alex Scott has stepped up as a powerful voice of reason. On live TV, Scott delivered a passionate message of encouragement and empowerment to women in the sport, urging them to continue being role models for young girls who are often told that they can’t succeed in football. Her message has been met with widespread praise and support on social media, with many hailing her as “total class.” In the midst of a difficult week for women in football, Scott’s powerful statement has not only uplifted the community but also served as a powerful rebuke to Barton’s sexist rhetoric.

Alex Scott praised for powerful response to Joey Barton’s sexist claims in football. The former Arsenal star delivered a passionate message on live TV, urging women to continue being role models in the sport. Viewers applauded Scott’s message, with one calling it “total class.” This comes after Barton’s controversial comments about female pundits and co-commentators in men’s football.

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