Real Madrid has the option to acquire the standout player from Girona’s Barcelona demolition for only €8 million.

Real Madrid may have found a potential transfer target after Girona’s impressive victory over Barcelona. Left-back Miguel Gutierrez put on a stellar performance, catching the eye of his former club. With a buy-back clause of just €8m, Real Madrid could be considering bringing him back to the Santiago Bernabeu. This article will explore Gutierrez’s standout performance and the possibility of his return to the Spanish capital.

Real Madrid enjoys Girona’s victory over Barcelona, eyeing star player Miguel Gutierrez. The left-back was a standout performer in the match, impressing with his goal and strong attacking presence. Real Madrid has the option to buy Gutierrez back for a low price, potentially making a significant profit if they decide to sell him. With competition from other clubs and a pursuit of Alphonso Davies, Real Madrid’s left-back position could see some changes in the future.

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