Girona manager Michel Sanchez emphasizes Eric Garcia’s quality over physical stature

The Girona vs Barcelona game on Sunday night was an exciting and surprising one, with Girona emerging as the victors with a 4-2 win. One of the standout performers of the game was Eric Garcia, who is on loan from Barcelona to Girona. Despite receiving criticism during his time at Barcelona, Garcia showed his defensive abilities and impressed the Girona coach. This article will explore Garcia’s performance and the impact of Girona’s coaching on their players.

Eric Garcia shines as Girona defeat Barcelona with a 4-2 victory at Montjuic. The loaned Barcelona player, Garcia, played a crucial role in the win, demonstrating his defensive abilities and contributing to the team’s success. Girona coach Michel Sanchez praised Garcia’s performance, highlighting his potential as a top center-back. With other players like Savio, Miguel Gutierrez, and Yan Couto also showing promise under Girona’s tutelage, the team’s structure and support continue to elevate their players’ performance on the field.

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