Barcelona’s executive leadership to convene on Thursday to deliberate Xavi Hernandez’s future as manager

The future of Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is uncertain as President Joan Laporta and the club’s heavyweights meet to discuss their next course of action. Despite a concerning first half of the season and a recent defeat to Girona, it is still unlikely that Barcelona will part ways with Xavi just yet. However, the club is evaluating emergency options and long-term alternatives in case the situation doesn’t improve. This article will delve into the behind-the-scenes discussions and the potential impact on the team’s performance.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta is standing behind Xavi Hernandez as manager despite a tough first half of the season and a recent loss to Girona. However, there is discontent among the Barcelona heavyweights, leading Laporta to schedule a meeting with Sporting Director Deco and right-hand man Alejandro Echevarria to discuss Xavi’s future.

A reservation has been made at the Via Veneto steakhouse for the meeting, where the Barcelona officials will discuss the team’s current situation and potential courses of action regarding Xavi. Barcelona is currently seven points behind Girona in La Liga and has struggled against smaller teams this season.

Although it is unlikely that Barcelona will make a change in management at this point, they are reportedly considering emergency options, including Rafael Marquez, and long-term alternatives to Xavi if their performance does not improve. Xavi is also struggling to control the narrative in the press, adding to the pressure on him and the team.

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