Real Madrid draws level with Union Berlin as Joselu Mato scores a header

In a thrilling encounter at the Olympic Stadium, Real Madrid fought back to equalize against Union Berlin, after falling behind just before half time. Joselu Mato’s header has brought them back on level terms, after Luka Modric missed a penalty that could have given them the lead. Let’s take a closer look at the dramatic turn of events in this exciting match.

Real Madrid fought back to equalize against Union Berlin in a thrilling match at the Olympic Stadium. Despite falling behind just before half time, Real Madrid continued to press forward and were rewarded as Joselu Mato scored a crucial header to bring them back on level terms. The veteran striker capitalized on a pinpoint cross from Rodrygo, showing his experience and composure to find the back of the net from close range. The match remains finely poised as both teams look to secure a crucial victory.

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