From “Pie Man” to Ally Pally Legend: My Unrecognizable Body Transformation

Darts legend Andy Smith, known affectionately as the “Pie Man” on the circuit, has undergone an incredible transformation since stepping away from the professional tour in 2016. The three-time World Grand Prix quarter-finalist and six-time PDC Pro Tour Title winner has shed a significant amount of weight, prompting astonishment and admiration from fans and fellow darters alike. Smith’s new look has even drawn comparisons to actor Ross Kemp, and his remarkable journey has sparked speculation about a potential return to the oche. Read on to discover the inspiring story behind Andy Smith’s stunning body transformation and the reactions from the darts community.

Darts legend Andy Smith, also known as the “Pie Man,” has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding his stocky figure for a trimmer physique since leaving the PDC tour in 2016. The three-time World Grand Prix quarter-finalist, known for his larger than life personality and love of short-crust confectionery, has drawn comparisons to Ross Kemp with his new look. Smith’s incredible body transformation has left fans in shock, with many commending him for his impressive weight loss. Darts commentator Matthew Edgar expressed amazement at the transformation, suggesting that Smith may need a new nickname if he makes a return to the sport. Another fan even proposed that Smith’s new moniker could be the “Salad Man.”

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