Former Tottenham Hotspur striker helps Royal Antwerp re-take lead against Barcelona: Watch the action here

Barcelona’s Champions League hopes take a hit as they fall behind against Royal Antwerp. With a second successive defeat looming, the Catalans are facing an uphill battle to salvage a victory in their final group stage match. Will Xavi Hernandez’s side be able to turn the tide and end their European campaign on a high note?

Barcelona suffers a setback as they fall behind Antwerp in their final Champions League group stage match. After managing to equalize in the first half, the Catalan team has now conceded another goal, with Vincent Janssen putting Antwerp ahead. This is a disappointing turn of events for Barcelona, who had hoped to end their 2023 Champions League campaign on a high note. With half an hour left in the game, the pressure is on for Xavi Hernandez and his team to stage a comeback.

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