Pep Guardiola’s brilliant response upon discovering that Man City wonderkid Micah Hamilton was a ballboy for him six years ago

The unexpected connection between Pep Guardiola and the young goal-scoring sensation, Micah Hamilton, has come as a shock to the Manchester City manager. Hamilton, who scored on his debut against Red Star Belgrade, was once a ballboy for the team back in 2017. Guardiola, pleasantly surprised by this revelation, praised the 20-year-old’s skills and expressed his delight at his impressive performance. The youngster’s remarkable goal has certainly made an impact, as he now joins the ranks of the youngest Englishmen to score on their Champions League debut. This unexpected journey from ballboy to goal scorer is a testament to Hamilton’s talent and determination.

Micah Hamilton, who used to be a ballboy for Pep Guardiola six years ago, made an impressive debut for Manchester City against Red Star Belgrade. The 20-year-old scored a stunning goal by jinking past two defenders and smashing the ball into the net from a tight angle. Guardiola was shocked to learn about Hamilton’s past role as a ballboy and praised his performance on the field. Hamilton’s goal made him the fifth-youngest Englishman to score on their Champions League debut and the youngest since Marcus Rashford in September 2017. Another young player, Oscar Bobb, also scored his first senior goal in the game, doubling City’s lead after the interval. It was an exciting moment for the young talents and a proud moment for Guardiola as well.

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