Barcelona’s Directors, Sporting Commission, and Players Express Displeasure with Xavi Hernandez

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is facing intense pressure after a string of defeats and a lackluster performance against Royal Antwerp. Tensions are high within the club, with reports of discontent among players and concerns about Xavi’s coaching tactics. As they prepare to face Valencia, many are viewing this match as a crucial moment for Xavi’s future with the team. The outcome of this game could determine whether Xavi is able to regain control and inspire his players, or if his position at Barcelona becomes increasingly unstable.

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is facing mounting pressure after a string of defeats, including a dismal performance against Royal Antwerp. The atmosphere within the club is tense, with reports of discontent among key players and leaks to the media. Xavi’s coaching and tactical decisions have come under fire, and there are concerns about the team’s physical condition. Members of the board are reportedly losing faith in Xavi’s ability to turn things around. The upcoming match against Valencia is seen as crucial for Xavi’s future, with a victory potentially easing tensions. However, if Barcelona fails to deliver, it could spell the beginning of the end for Xavi.

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