San Diego’s MLS team signs U.S. youth goalkeeper Ferree as first-ever player

San Diego FC, the MLS’ 2025 expansion club, has made a significant announcement with the addition of U.S. youth national team goalkeeper Duran Ferree as their first-ever signing. The 17-year-old former San Diego Loyal player has signed a contract through 2027 with an option for 2028. This move is not only historic for the club but also a testament to the commitment to local talent development in San Diego. The club’s CEO, Tom Penn, revealed plans for Ferree to go on loan next year as the team prepares for their debut in MLS in 2025. The signing of Ferree is seen as a major step in the growth and success of the club, further cementing their dedication to building a strong foundation for the future.

San Diego FC Signs US Youth National Team Goalkeeper Duran Ferree

San Diego FC, the 2025 expansion club for the MLS, has made a big announcement with their first-ever signing. They have added Duran Ferree, a young and talented goalkeeper with experience playing for the U.S. youth national team and the now-defunct San Diego Loyal team.

The 17-year-old has signed a contract with San Diego FC through 2027, with an option for 2028. Despite league rules prohibiting the team from adding players until next year, San Diego FC is allowed to sign “local, San Diego based, young players like Ferree.”

Ferree expressed his excitement and honor at signing with his hometown club. He emphasized his eagerness to contribute to the growth and success of the club, as well as his excitement about the journey ahead with his future teammates and the fans in San Diego.

San Diego FC CEO, Tom Penn, revealed the plan for Ferree to go on loan next year ahead of the club’s debut in the MLS in 2025. The club is currently in conversations with various clubs to determine the best place for Ferree’s continued development in 2024.

The signing of Ferree is seen as a testament to the club’s commitment to providing opportunities for local talent to flourish in San Diego. It showcases the team’s dedication to developing young players and building a strong foundation for their inaugural MLS season in 2025.

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