In 2005, Sir Alex Ferguson Suggested the Perfect Solution to VAR in a Viral Video

Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary former manager of Manchester United, may have had the solution to the VAR controversy all the way back in 2005. In the midst of debate about the introduction of goalline technology, Ferguson suggested a time limit of 30 seconds for VAR decisions, ensuring that the game would not be disrupted for extended periods. His foresight and practicality have impressed fans, with many now praising his idea as a potential solution to the ongoing VAR debate. As we continue to grapple with the challenges of technology in football, perhaps it’s time to give Sir Alex’s suggestion a closer look.

Sir Alex Ferguson had the perfect VAR solution back in 2005, long before the technology was even introduced. The former Manchester United manager proposed a 30-second time limit for VAR decisions, ensuring that the game would not be disrupted for too long. This forward-thinking idea has now gained praise from fans and experts, with many agreeing that a time limit would solve a lot of the current issues with VAR. It’s clear that Ferguson was ahead of his time with his vision for the use of technology in football. Fans were impressed, with one calling him “The GOAT” for his foresight.

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