Toni Kroos, Real Madrid legend, suggests potential return to German national team for Euro 2024

The possibility of Toni Kroos returning to the German national team has sparked speculation and excitement among fans and players alike. After retiring following the disappointing 2018 World Cup, could Kroos be making a comeback for the next major tournament? His response to Antonio Rudiger’s request has left everyone wondering. Would a return to international duty be on the cards for the Real Madrid midfielder? This article delves into the potential comeback and what it could mean for German football.

Toni Kroos Considering Return to German National Team

Real Madrid star Toni Kroos is reportedly considering a return to the German national team after being urged by his compatriot Antonio Rudiger. The 33-year-old retired from international duty after the 2018 World Cup but is now contemplating a comeback. With Germany crashing out of the tournament in Russia, Kroos may have a chance to make a major impact for his country once again. His potential return would certainly be a boost for the national team, and fans will be eager to see if he decides to don the German jersey once more.

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