Former Arsenal player informed former teammates about the ball going out before Anthony Gordon’s disputed goal for Newcastle

In a dramatic turn of events, Joe Willock’s controversial goal for Newcastle against his former club, Arsenal, has sparked controversy and debate surrounding the validity of the goal. The Newcastle winger reportedly told Arsenal players that the ball had gone out of play in the build-up to Anthony Gordon’s goal, adding fuel to the already fiery post-match reactions. With Mikel Arteta slamming the match officials and subsequently being charged by the FA for his comments, the fallout from this contentious decision has only just begun. As the investigation into the incident unfolds, the details surrounding Willock’s admission and Arteta’s sense of injustice have only added to the tension, leaving fans and pundits alike to dissect the aftermath of this match.

Newcastle’s Joe Willock sparked controversy during their match against Arsenal on November 4th when he told Arsenal players that the ball had gone out of play in the build-up to Anthony Gordon’s winning goal. The goal was only awarded after a four-minute VAR check on three possible infringements, including whether Willock had kept the ball in play before crossing it into the box. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta slammed the match officials for their decision to award the goal and was subsequently charged by the FA for his comments, but has now escaped punishment after those charges were dropped. It was later revealed that Willock admitted to failing to keep the ball in play, further increasing Arteta’s frustration. Despite the controversy, Willock’s former club Arsenal will have to regroup and move forward from the disappointing result.

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