David Beckham, Man Utd legend, fixes TV in his boxers while Victoria Beckham tells fans ‘you’re welcome’

The recent Instagram post by Victoria Beckham has caused quite a stir among fans as her husband, the legendary David Beckham, was captured fixing the TV in just his boxers. The cheeky snap left little to the imagination and fans couldn’t help but swoon over the former Manchester United star. The couple is currently in the spotlight with their smash-hit Netflix documentary, but it seems Victoria had trouble getting it to play on their TV at home. Fortunately, her hero arrived in the form of her husband, who gallantly wriggled under the TV to fix the wires. However, what caught the attention of fans was Beckham’s choice of attire – or lack thereof. His daring stunt has certainly caused a frenzy online, with fans thanking Victoria for sharing the amusing moment. It seems that even the Beckham household has its entertaining and relatable moments, much to the delight of their adoring fans.

Football icon David Beckham was captured in a revealing moment as he fixed a TV in just his boxers, much to the delight of his fans. His wife Victoria shared the cheeky snap on Instagram, playfully telling fans “you’re welcome” for the view. The couple, who are currently the focus of a hit Netflix documentary, found themselves dealing with a TV issue at home, with Victoria in need of some assistance. In a heroic move, David stepped in to save the day, getting down on the floor to adjust the wires and fix the big screen. The former Manchester United player’s charming display in his boxers left fans swooning, with many taking to social media to express their appreciation for Victoria’s post. Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard even chimed in, humorously noting that her TV was broken too. The photo of Beckham in his undies certainly caused a stir and had fans thanking Victoria for sharing the amusing moment.

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