Kieran Trippier’s resurfaces old tweet as Newcastle star is dubbed ‘Chelsea’s 12th man’ by rival fans

Kieran Trippier’s recent performance in Newcastle’s match against Chelsea has put him in the spotlight, and not for the reasons he would have liked. An old tweet from the defender has resurfaced, leading to some interesting reactions from fans. Let’s take a closer look at how the tweet has come back to haunt Trippier following his challenging evening at Stamford Bridge.

Kieran Trippier’s old tweet has come back to haunt him after his disappointing performance in the Newcastle vs. Chelsea match. The defender’s error led to Chelsea’s equalizer and he later missed the target during the penalty shootout. Trippier’s social media post from 2014 expressing support for Chelsea has sparked reactions from rival fans, with some jokingly referring to him as “Chelsea’s 12th man.” This adds to a recent poor run of form for the 33-year-old, who has been under scrutiny for his performances. The defeat extends Newcastle’s disappointing away form, with their last victory on the road coming in the previous round of the Carabao Cup.

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