Fabregas, Arsenal and Chelsea legend, steps down as Como manager due to incomplete coaching badges

Former Como manager Cesc Fabregas has stepped down from his role due to a lack of UEFA coaching badges, leading to the appointment of Welshman Osian Roberts as the team’s new first-team chief for the rest of the season. Fabregas, who was serving as interim head coach, will now take on the role of assistant to Roberts. The club’s president, Dennis Wise, expressed excitement over Roberts’ appointment, citing his track record in player and coach development. With Como currently sitting in third place in the Italian second tier, the club sees Roberts’ experience and influence in Welsh and Moroccan football as crucial to achieving their ambitious playing vision. Read on for all the latest news and updates on this exciting new chapter for Como.

Former Como manager Cesc Fabregas steps down due to lack of Uefa coaching badges, while Osian Roberts takes over as first-team chief. Fabregas will now be Roberts’ assistant as the team looks for a new manager in the summer. The club, currently third in the Italian second tier, is optimistic about the future with Roberts’ track record of player and coach development. With the appointment of Roberts, Como is looking to create a new era of footballing success.

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