Caomhin Kelleher of Liverpool removes object from pitch thrown from West Ham end

Liverpool star Caomhin Kelleher found himself in an unexpected situation during the Carabao Cup clash with West Ham, as he had to remove a pie from the pitch that appeared to be thrown from the away end. Despite the distraction, the Reds secured a comprehensive 5-1 victory, propelling them into the semi-finals of the competition. However, the match was not without controversy, as some West Ham fans resorted to throwing the pie onto the field in frustration. As Liverpool advances to the next round, they are set to face Fulham in a bid to secure a place at Wembley in February. With the possibility of a final rematch between Liverpool and Chelsea looming, the stage is set for an intriguing conclusion to this year’s Carabao Cup.

Liverpool’s star goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher found himself in an unexpected situation during their Carabao Cup quarter-final match against West Ham. After thrashing David Moyes’ side 5-1 at Anfield, Kelleher had to remove a pie from the pitch, which appeared to have been thrown from the West Ham end. Despite the pie incident, Liverpool’s victory means they will now face Fulham in the semi-final for a chance to secure a spot at Wembley in February. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Middlesbrough also secured their places in the semi-final, setting the stage for an exciting competition ahead. If both Liverpool and Chelsea progress as expected, it could lead to a highly anticipated rematch of the 2022 Carabao Cup final.

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