Will Video Assistant Referee be Used in EFL Carabao Cup VAR Rules This Season?

The Carabao Cup has reached the quarter-final stage, and as fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming matches, many are wondering if VAR (Video Assistant Referee) will make an appearance. The use of VAR in English football has been the subject of much controversy, particularly in the Premier League this season. While VAR will be utilized from the semi-final stage up to the final of the Carabao Cup, it will not be used in rounds leading up to the semi-finals this season. This decision comes after the EFL opted to get rid of the system last season due to its exclusive use at Premier League venues. With VAR being a regular feature in English football, fans are left questioning its impact on the Carabao Cup. This article will explore the use of VAR in the Carabao Cup, the decisions it is used for, and how the system works, as well as its presence in the Premier League.

The Carabao Cup has entered the highly anticipated quarter-final stage, and football fans are eagerly awaiting to see if VAR will make an appearance in the tournament. The controversial video referee system has been a hot topic in the Premier League this season, and its potential use in the Carabao Cup has sparked a lot of discussion.

For the upcoming semi-final stage and the final, VAR will indeed be utilized in the Carabao Cup. However, it will not be used in rounds leading up to the semi-finals for the current season. In the past, VAR was used in the Carabao Cup in the 2018/19 season, but it was subsequently removed by the EFL last season due to its exclusive use in Premier League venues.

The decision to remove VAR in the Carabao Cup last season caused uproar, especially after controversial incidents such as Man City being awarded a penalty without VAR being utilized at the Liberty Stadium. This prompted the question of whether VAR should be allowed in all venues irrespective of their league status.

In terms of its use, VAR can be called upon for four key on-field incidents, including awarding goals, penalty decisions, red card decisions, and cases of mistaken identity. The video assistant referee is responsible for relaying information to the on-pitch referee and has access to various camera angles and goal-line technology cameras.

This season, VAR has also been introduced to the Premier League, and it is now used in all matches. So, as the Carabao Cup reaches its crucial stages, fans and players alike will be keeping a close eye on whether VAR will play a decisive role in the tournament’s outcomes.

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