Alaves manager Luis Garcia Plaza loses his cool after Real Madrid score late winner

The tensions were running high at the Alaves vs. Real Madrid match on Thursday night as Alaves manager Luis Garcia Plaza had a full-on meltdown after his team conceded a late goal in stoppage time. Despite being down to 10 men, Alaves had held off Real Madrid for the majority of the match, only to lose 1-0 due to poor marking from a corner. Garcia Plaza’s reaction may have been extreme, but it was a reflection of the frustration and disappointment felt by his team after coming so close to securing a point against a top side.

Alaves suffered a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Real Madrid last night, with Lucas Vazquez scoring in stoppage time to secure the win for Carlo Ancelotti’s team. Alaves manager Luis Garcia Plaza was visibly furious at the late goal, as he went into a full meltdown on the sidelines. His reaction, which included knocking over an ice cooler and furiously kicking his legs, showed just how much the result meant to him. Despite the over-the-top display, it’s easy to see why Garcia Plaza was so upset, as his team was just minutes away from securing a point against the league giants.

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