Supporters are certain that Antonio Rudiger is “unhinged” after witnessing the former Chelsea defender’s peculiar behavior for Real Madrid

Antonio Rudiger’s unorthodox tactics on the field have once again caught the attention of fans and pundits alike. In a recent match against Alaves, the Real Madrid star’s unusual method of marking his opponent left many scratching their heads. As Lucas Vazquez grabbed a last-minute winner for Los Blancos, Rudiger’s antics took center stage, with some labeling him as “unhinged” for his bizarre maneuvers. This is not the first time the defender has raised eyebrows with his unconventional approach, and it seems that his enigmatic side continues to captivate and bewilder fans.

Real Madrid’s Antonio Rudiger received criticism from fans for his unorthodox tactics against Alaves, with some labeling him as “unhinged.” Despite this, Lucas Vazquez secured a last-minute victory for the team, sending them to the top of LaLiga.

During the match, Rudiger was observed using unconventional methods to defend against Alaves’ Samu Omorodion, leaving fans puzzled. His actions included bending down behind the striker’s legs in an apparent attempt to unsettle him.

This is not the first time Rudiger has employed such tactics, as he previously tried a similar approach against Erling Haaland in last season’s Champions League. Additionally, the defender has displayed eccentric behavior in post-game interviews, further establishing his enigmatic persona.

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