Atletico Madrid does not see Antoine Griezmann’s contract talks as a priority

Atletico Madrid and Antoine Griezmann’s Contract Negotiations

Atletico Madrid and star forward Antoine Griezmann are at a crossroads in their contract negotiations. While the Frenchman has expressed his desire to discuss a renewal with the club, Atletico’s Sporting Director Andrea Berta is focused on securing deals for six players whose contracts are expiring at the end of the season. The club is also hesitant to discuss an extension with Griezmann, given his age at the end of his current deal. This article will analyze the situation from both perspectives and discuss the potential implications for Atletico Madrid.

The Situation

Atletico Madrid are currently focused on renewing contracts for six players whose deals are coming to an end, with captain Koke Resurreccion being the most high-profile among them. As a result, discussing a new deal with Griezmann is not a top priority for the club at the moment. Griezmann, on the other hand, feels that his performances over the past year make him deserving of a raise and is keen on negotiating a new contract with the club.

Clash of Priorities

Atletico Madrid’s policy of renewing contracts at a lower rate to shrink their wage bill clashes with Griezmann’s desire for a raise. The club may be in a strong position currently, but they risk upsetting their most valuable asset by delaying talks over a new deal. Griezmann, despite his age, remains indispensable to Diego Simeone’s team and is considered La Liga’s best player over the past year.

The Future

With Griezmann expressing his desire to stay at Atletico Madrid and affectionately calling it “home,” the club must weigh the risk of losing him to a potential move to Major League Soccer in the future. As negotiations continue, the outcome of the contract talks will have significant implications for both Griezmann and Atletico Madrid.

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