Hints from Real Madrid coaching staff suggest potential renewal for Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti set for contract renewal

Renewal on the horizon

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti appears to have earned himself a renewal at the Santiago Bernabeu. With just six months remaining on his deal, there is naturally speculation over his future, but all signs are pointing to a renewal. There is some debate over whether Ancelotti will be offered a one-year extension until 2025, or two years, but with the Brazilian Football Confederation in turmoil, that exit route looks much more fraught than it did six months previously.

His staff staying put

Relevo say there is another sign that Ancelotti is remaining in Madrid – his staff. Davide Ancelotti, who is highly rated around Europe, was being offered Premier League jobs last season. It is thought that this will be his last job with his father, but the Italian is not listening to offers for the summer. Equally, technical assistant Francesco Mauri also plans to remain at the club. Mauri is keen to follow Davide Ancelotti to wherever he becomes a head coach, as his assistant, but it looks as if the two will be staying put – suggesting Ancelotti senior is doing the same.

An unlikely return

Carlo Ancelotti’s return is remarkable story. Initially believing that he would not be considered for top jobs again, Ancelotti was drafted in as an emergency option from Everton in 2021. Should things go to plan in the second half of the season, he will be beginning his fourth year with Los Blancos in July – the longest stint of any manager since Jose Mourinho left.

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