Serie A law change poses threat to Superleague, affecting Real Madrid and Barcelona

European Court of Justice rule in favor of Superleague clubs

The Superleague scored an important victory in the courts recently, as the European Court of Justice prevented UEFA and FIFA from sanctioning clubs that joined the Superleague. However, the new format has seen little movement in terms of the general opinion on the idea. Despite the promise of much more money, only Napoli declared interest in joining the A22 organized Superleague. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only current members, although A22 CEO Bernd Reichart claimed that many more clubs had privately expressed interest in the project.

Italian FA closes the door on Napoli

The Italian Football Association (FIGC) has potentially closed the door on Napoli’s participation in the Superleague by introducing a new regulation that Serie A clubs must present a written commitment not to compete in competitions that are not approved by the FIGC and UEFA in order to gain their Serie A license each year. This move effectively rules out any Serie A sides joining the competition unless the terms change.

UK government to bring in legislation against the Superleague

The UK government has declared that it will also bring in legislation against the Superleague, reflecting the lack of support and resistance towards the idea. While money is a powerful force in football, both investors and clubs will require guarantees before taking risks with their income.

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