Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos dodged doping penalty thanks to administrative error

Introduction to the Article
The article discusses revelations about lax and suspicious anti-doping controls in Spanish sport and the emerging details about Sergio Ramos escaping punishment for flouting test protocol.

Fresh Details of Allegations

The Spanish Anti-Doping Agency (CELAD) has been accused of improper testing and deliberately avoiding investigations or sanctions for positive tests. Allegations have emerged about Sergio Ramos refusing to take a doping test after a match against Malaga in 2018, and the subsequent failure of an investigation or sanction for this incident.

Test Protocol Flouting

The report reveals that Sergio Ramos and the Madrid doctor Julio de la Morena refused to take the test until after the player had the chance to shower, which is a violation of the rule requiring samples to be given immediately after competing. Despite this, the investigation was dropped, and the test was deemed void due to being conducted by only one agent instead of the required two.

No Positive Test, But Rule Violation

It is important to note that there is no suggestion that Ramos tested positive for doping. Instead, the issue is that he went against the rules regarding the testing process, raising questions about the integrity of anti-doping controls in Spanish sport.

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