AC Milan reverses decision to sign Real Betis star in January


The article discusses the future of Juan Miranda at Real Betis, with reports suggesting that he is set to sign for AC Milan next summer. However, there have been recent developments indicating a potential change in this outcome, which could impact Miranda and Betis.

The Reported Agreement

According to the article, Juan Miranda’s contract with Real Betis is set to expire next summer, and there have been reports of an agreement for him to join AC Milan at that time. It was also speculated that Milan might make an early move for Miranda in January by paying a transfer fee to Betis.

Change in Plans

Recent reports, however, suggest that AC Milan has decided against signing Miranda in January, citing their unwillingness to meet Betis’ asking price for an early sale. This development could potentially alter the course of Miranda’s future and his relationship with Real Betis.

Impact on Miranda and Betis

The article discusses the possibility of Miranda staying at Betis if the club significantly improves their contract offer. However, it is unlikely to happen due to Betis’ financial difficulties. The uncertainty remains regarding Miranda’s future destination, and it will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds in the coming months.

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