Athletic Club Expresses Uncertainty Over Inaki Williams’ AFCON Departure

Introduction to this article:
This article discusses the uncertainty surrounding Athletic Club’s star striker Inaki Williams’ departure for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. The La Liga club, along with others, is waiting for updates on the tournament which is set to begin next month. Williams’ potential involvement with the Ghana squad and its impact on Athletic Club’s matches is a point of concern.

Uncertainty over Departure

Athletic Club are facing uncertainty over when Inaki Williams will depart for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. The tournament clashes with the La Liga mid-season break, potentially disrupting the club’s plans and lineup. As a key player for the team, Williams’ involvement will have significant implications for upcoming matches.

Williams’ National Team Decision

Williams has revealed his decision to switch to the Ghana national team after growing tired of waiting for a call-up from the Spain squad. This decision has added to the complications surrounding his potential participation in the Africa Cup of Nations. The uncertainty surrounding his national team status is causing concern for Athletic Club and its upcoming fixtures.

Club’s Push for Late Release

Reports from Marca suggest that Athletic Club is pushing for a late release for Williams in order to protect him from an overload. The club is seeking clarity on when Williams will be available for league action, as his absence could have a significant impact on their matches. The club’s efforts to secure a late release for Williams reflect their concerns about the situation.

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