Man Utd legends criticize Ten Hag’s ‘AWFUL’ team as horror records broken after disastrous Forest defeat

Introduction to the article
The article discusses the scathing criticism directed at Manchester United’s performance by club legends after their recent defeat to Nottingham Forest. The legends, including Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville, expressed their disappointment and frustration with the team’s lackluster performance and the breaking of several horror records throughout the year.

Manchester United’s Poor Performance

Manchester United’s defeat to Nottingham Forest highlighted their failure to show any intensity on the pitch, with the team being second best in all aspects of the game. The lack of urgency and inconsistency in their performance was a major point of criticism from the club legends, with Gary Neville describing the team as “inferior quite often to teams lower down the league.”

Breaking Horror Records

The article also outlines the horror records that Manchester United has broken, including having the fewest points on the board at this stage of a season and suffering the most defeats in all competitions in a single year. The legends expressed their dismay at the team’s poor performance throughout the year, with several records being broken that highlight the team’s struggles.

Scathing Criticism from Club Legends

Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville did not hold back in their criticism of the team, with Ferdinand expressing his frustration on Twitter and Neville delivering a scathing assessment of the team’s performance. The legends were particularly critical of the team’s inconsistency, lack of fight, and poor performances, highlighting the overall disappointment with Manchester United’s current state.

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