Barcelona President Joan Laporta Details His “Three Big Goals” for 2024

Barcelona President Laporta Outlines Three Wishes for the Club in 2024

Barcelona President Joan Laporta spoke to Sport as the year draws to a close, outlining his “three great wishes” for Barcelona in 2024. These wishes cover sporting achievements, social progress, and economic stability.

Returning to the New Spotify Camp Nou

Laporta’s first wish for Barcelona in 2024 is for the team to return to the new Spotify Camp Nou by November 29th. This ambition seems feasible, given that construction of the stadium is progressing according to schedule, with Limak consistently meeting the project’s deadlines.

Winning Titles

The second of Laporta’s wishes is for Barcelona to secure victories and titles in the upcoming year. This wish includes the hope for success in the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League, and the Copa del Rey. While winning La Liga currently seems less likely, Laporta emphasizes the importance of achieving success in various competitions.

Meeting the Budget

Laporta’s third wish is for Barcelona to fulfill its budget for the season, which amounts to €859m with the goal of making a €11m profit. This economic stability and the ability to meet financial targets are crucial for the long-term well-being of the club.

As Barcelona looks ahead to 2024, the club will strive to fulfill these objectives set out by Laporta. The successful realization of these wishes has the potential to shape the team’s future accomplishments and overall stability.

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