Wrexham, Owned by Ryan Reynolds, Makes Ambitious Move to Sign 29-Goal Striker from Higher League, Beating Charlton to the Transfer

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Wrexham and Charlton’s pursuit of Peterborough’s Jonson Clarke-Harris, with Wrexham hoping to offer the best deal for the forward. Despite his impressive goal output, Peterborough is set to sell Clarke-Harris, prompting interest from other clubs such as Bristol Rovers.

Wrexham’s Ambitious Bid for Clarke-Harris

Wrexham, led by owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, are aiming to make a major swoop for Clarke-Harris to bolster their chances of promotion in League Two. Despite currently being in a promotion spot, Wrexham hopes to secure the forward’s services in their pursuit of a higher division.

Peterborough’s Decision to Sell

Peterborough, although still in the chase for a League One promotion spot, has made the decision to sell Clarke-Harris, despite his impressive goal-scoring record. The club is prepared to cash in on the forward, opening the door for potential transfers to other interested clubs.

Competition for Clarke-Harris

In addition to Wrexham, Bristol Rovers and Charlton are also keen to secure Clarke-Harris, with both clubs still hoping to launch a push for a play-off place in League One. The competition for the forward’s signature is heating up as clubs vie for the opportunity to add his goal-scoring prowess to their squads.

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