Love Island heartthrob Adam Collard and adorable dog Lu join Laura Woods for a wholesome family Christmas

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Laura Woods, a top TV host in the world of sports, recently shared a glimpse of her wholesome family Christmas with her Love Island partner Adam Collard and their adorable dog Lu. The pair seems to have enjoyed a festive season filled with fun, relaxation, and quality time together.

Quality Time with Adam Collard and Lu

Woods and Collard spent Christmas playing with their beloved French bulldog Lu, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the winter weather. The couple were seen frolicking with Lu, and it’s clear that their furry friend had a fine festive season.

A Cheeky Christmas Drink

After spending time with Lu, Woods headed out for a cheeky Christmas drink at the bar. She was seen enjoying a blue WKD and a bottle of whiskey, looking chic and relaxed in an all-black ensemble. It seems that all the dog-sitting eventually took its toll, leading Woods to unwind with a festive drink.

Weekend Getaway to Amsterdam

Earlier this month, Woods and Collard took a weekend break to Amsterdam, where they indulged in a glamorous spa date and visited a glitzy gallery. They even managed to find time for a visit to a rather risqué bar to enjoy a Heineken. It seems that the pair had a fun and eventful getaway.

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