Declan Rice fiercely criticizes Arsenal for disappointing fans and themselves by slipping from 1st on Xmas Day to 4th

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the disappointing performance of Arsenal in their recent match against Fulham, as well as the response from manager Mikel Arteta and player Declan Rice. The defeat has raised concerns about the team’s performance and their ability to compete for a Premier League title.

Rice Criticizes Arsenal’s Performance

Declan Rice expressed his frustration with the team’s recent performance, stating that they have let down their fans and themselves. He emphasized the need for more self-belief, desire, and better mentality, especially when fighting for the top position in the table.

Arteta’s Disappointment and Demand for Improvement

Mikel Arteta labeled the defeat as the worst performance of the season and demanded a turnaround from his struggling team. He highlighted the need for more purpose, speed, and threat in their game, acknowledging that their current level of play is not acceptable.

Fulham’s Victory and Manager’s Response

Fulham’s victory over Arsenal ended a 26-game run of failing to win in the Premier League after going behind. Manager Marco Silva praised the team’s reaction and their ability to turn things around, signaling their capability to compete at a high level.

Looking Ahead and Maintaining Positivity

Despite the recent setbacks, Rice emphasized the importance of staying positive and maintaining faith in the team. Mikel Arteta echoed this sentiment, highlighting the need for a reset and a continued belief in the current squad.

Potential for Squad Improvement

While the January transfer window presents an opportunity for squad improvement, Arteta expressed his confidence in the current players and their ability to compete at the highest level. He emphasized the need to work with the same players and continue to improve their performance.

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