Former England Captain Sol Campbell Sued for Over £800k After Withdrawing from Purchase of £3.85m Flat

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The former England captain, Sol Campbell, is facing a lawsuit for over £800,000 after backing out of the purchase of a multi-million pound flat in London’s prestigious Cadogan Square. The flat’s owner, Lady Jadranka Beresford-Peirse, has taken legal action against Campbell and his wife, Fiona, for alleged breach of contract and failure to pay the balance due.

Alleged Breach of Contract

Lady Jadranka Beresford-Peirse has filed a lawsuit against Sol Campbell and his wife, Fiona, claiming that they signed a contract to buy the flat in 2021 but failed to pay the balance due. The lawsuit alleges that the couple’s failure to complete the purchase has resulted in significant losses for the flat’s owner.

Legal Pursuit

The widow, Lady Jadranka, is seeking a total of about £810,000 in alleged losses and new sale costs. She accuses Sol and Fiona Campbell of breach of contract and threatens to sue them for specific performance of the contract if they fail to go ahead with the deal. Lady Jadranka is seeking an order that would force them to purchase the flat and pay her compensation.

Financial Claims

In addition to seeking damages for the alleged breach of contract, Lady Jadranka claims she lost £260,000 after being unable to proceed with her purchase of a smaller flat. The legal pursuit against Sol Campbell and his wife involves substantial financial claims and implications for the former professional footballer.

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